Product Range


Product Range

GSC Schwörer develops, designs and manufactures innovative solutions in the field of mechanical and electromechanical drive technology. Our customers can choose from a wide range of products – from customised gears and gear parts to complete geared motors.

Gears & Geared Motors


Customised Drives

Individual challenges call for individual solutions

Complex requirements, such as confined spaces or challenging performance data, mean that in many applications standard gears are unsuitable. As a leading manufacturer of special-purpose gearing solutions, we develop bespoke drives tailored to your individual application but based on our broad product portfolio. Our drive solutions enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and loadability. Our products are chosen whenever the demands are particularly extreme – impeccably smooth running in medical technology, robustness and durability in conveyor systems or exceptional reliability in food processing.
We’d be delighted to develop the perfect gear solution to meet your requirements.


Gear Parts

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The right technology for every requirement

Our technically and economically optimised products are manufactured using the following technologies:

• Gear hobbing
• Gear shaping
• Gear broaching
• Tooth flank grinding
• Skive hobbing
• Gear honing
• Cylindrical grinding

• Hard turning
• CNC turning
• CNC milling
• Assembly
• Refining
• Labeling



GSC Schwörer products are used successfully in many different applications around the world. We scrutinise your industry closely, assess the conditions and constraints, and then develop a drive solution which is fine-tuned to your individual needs.


“Your individual needs are our standard!”

Harald Ketterer
Sales Gears & Geared Motors

Producing at the Highest Level

High expertise guarantees efficient production

High-performance gears and geared motors, as well as precision gear parts, are manufactured at GSC Schwörer to customer specifications on 4,250 square metres of floor space. Innovative cutting technologies and a high level of vertical integration form the basis for optimal production.

Continuous investments in powerful CNC machines enable efficient and stable manufacturing processes. Multi-axis turning and milling centres allow complex workpieces to be machined in a single setting. Machining centres with built-in pallet changers simplify retooling, and even the most challenging parts can be made very flexibly. Straight and helical-toothed inner profiles are achieved using high-performance broaching machines. We have a wide range of broaches available for standard profiles. Complicated turned parts are manufactured on CNC lathes.

Many of the turned parts we need are made in-house. The remainder are subcontracted to B&S Metallbe- und -verarbeitungs GmbH, a subsidiary of our company which specialises in precision turning and milling. The spare capacity which results from this multi-plant production strategy is a key condition of efficient and flexible manufacturing.

Our high manufacturing expertise, backed up by our first-class subsidiary, underlies our ability to produce at the highest technical level.